4 thoughts on ““Shall we be off then?”

  1. Hey- I think I saw about 80 meters of tarmac in that video. Must a have given you at least 30 seconds is respite from driving on the corregated red stuff!

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  2. 1st time to take a look at your great adventure. Great photos – hope you & your dog’s kept your distance from the salty! I’ll make it a weekly ritual to check-in and get some photography inspirations. Sanity- well just think you could be sitting in front of a computer screen ….enjoy the sunsets and sunrises…we all miss too many in our short lifetimes.

    All good this end – just back from a holiday from Fiji so feeling very refreshed for the rest of the year.

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  3. That video shows very well what you have been describing without exaggeration. The audio track adds another dimension…reminds me of the opening soundtrack to David Brents new movie ‘Life on the RoaD’.
    How is the Lnad Rover performing?Have you had any punctures or breakdowns? I have to wonder how much of those corrugations the suspension can take. You’ll be looking for adventure like the Peking to Paris rally when you get back.


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