Bay of Fires


“Bay of Fires”

Once upon a pristine beach
Of dolphin swell and pearly sand,
We splashed, barefoot, through crystal pools
Of fossil-peppered, surf-hewn rocks,
A tidal gift of ancient land.

Bright waters – sapphire, turquoise, jade,
Fade to aqua-mirrored sheen,
Recede in arcs of glistening foam,
And spiral shells, and fizzing stones.
A rhythmic, iridescent dream.

Sunrise, blazing, fiery-red,
Through violet clouds and starry light,
Reflects on waves that surge and crash
And spray the gulls that duck and dive
And soar, and swoop, and shriek and fight.

We linger til the sun turns white
And casts sharp shadows round the bays,
Then wander back through windswept dunes
Of silver grass and desert blooms
And smile at nature’s healing ways.


2 thoughts on “Bay of Fires

    • Thank you, Beatrice! We’ve left Tassie now, but we already want to go back. I totally understand why it was your favourite place on your travels. It feels like another country – a combination of Australia and New Zealand. Very special and now close to our hearts forever after xx


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